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5 Keys to Career Growth in the NetSuite World!

We easily spend two decades of our life getting a formal education, a few years over and above to gain some specialized training, almost every few years finding the right job with a good pay scale and basically invest a lot of time, money, and energy in crafting a career that we’d like to see moving from rock bottom to high skies.  

But with so much time flying about, do we in fact spend some time carefully examining what actually brings about career growth? Especially in the NetSuite sphere, that’s highly competitive and career progression is imperative to success.

To help advance your career in the NetSuite world, here are 5 keys that’ll do the trick:

1.-Stay on top of NetSuite news, features, and tips.

Leveraging your career in the NetSuite sphere not only requires you to develop your software skillset, but also gain a regular understanding of the latest NetSuite news, features and tips.

Especially in a consistently evolving software space like NetSuite, where upgrades are launched bi-annually, it’s important to stay abreast of the new features and build your NetSuite knowledge bank.

Following NetSuite’s news, trends, and tips through virtual NetSuite user groups, blogs and forums works as a good means to find potential answers to your NetSuite queries, offer sounder solutions to the user community and implement and showcase best practices in your NetSuite world.

In all, to stay on top of your NetSuite game, it’s important to stay frequently aligned with the happenings of the NetSuite world.

2.-Know your NetSuite worth

Before you start swimming in the job market lanes, it’s absolutely essential to know your worth in the NetSuite domain. The easiest way to find out is by taking a close to peeking at your resume and understanding what your professional graph looks like. Common questions to ask yourself would be, “Do I have significant professional growth in the NetSuite space, that stands out? Do I have any positive testimonials or reviews from previous clients or employers that highlight my NetSuite expertise? Are there any specific roles or career-high points that are worth leveraging? Are there any specific NetSuite certifications or skills that give me an edge?”

Addressing these basic questions would help render a better understanding of all your achievements that can be used as a pitch point for your next NetSuite role. Any possible weaknesses that you come across can be used as a potential learning window. Either way, a careful analysis of your NetSuite worth will only help shape your career in the NetSuite sphere.    

Remember, employers eventually end up paying only what they can afford. But armed with information on your worth, you can easily decide what’s acceptable to you and what’s not.  

3.-Build and boost your NetSuite and other complementary skills.

The NetSuite job ecosystem is a highly competitive space. If you’re eyeing a specific job with just specific technical skills and no supplementary skills to help you make the cut, chances are, the job would land in another candidate’s hands because they have it all.

And so, one of the major secret sauces to making a successful career in the NetSuite world is not putting all your eggs in one basket. To improve your chances of employability, it’s essential to consistently build and boost your NetSuite and other complementary skills.  

Identifying the high-demand NetSuite skills should put you off to a good start. Undertaking newer NetSuite certifications and doing so at regular intervals, helps keep you abreast of the NetSuite products and practices – a definite foundation for your next job. Add to that, transferrable business skills like strategy, analysis, problem-solving, leadership, etc., and you’re off to the races – a pathway to that dream NetSuite job where employers welcome you with open arms.

Learning NetSuite is an ongoing, lifelong process, and every recruiter and employer would attest to this idea of upskilling and strengthening your NetSuite game with the diverse tech qualifications as also sprinkling it with added soft skills.

4.- Past professional experiences to validate your soft skills.

Examples, instances, and demonstrations of past professional experiences that best saw your soft skills at work, are a big takeaway for recruiters and employers.

Before your next NetSuite interview, dive deep into your memory archives and cite one example for each professional experience, that best reflects the implementation of your soft skills. The skills could range from your analytical approach, problem-solving methods used, time management capability or even opportunities sought to resolve major client issues.

Ultimately, with the goal of fully convincing the hiring parties of your soft skill qualifications, these examples would only heighten your chances of getting hired and enable career growth.

5.- The Flexibility Factor

Flexibility is the only F word that’s loved by all hiring managers. By now, we’ve well-established skill flexibility. But showcasing it in terms of work hours, undertaking additional responsibilities, weekend availability, willingness to go on work travels (COVID permitting of course), relocating, and overall just being flexible, goes down very well with the hiring managers.

Remember, you don’t need to go all out and make flexible promises that you cannot deliver on after getting the job. Along with leaving a bad impression on the employers, it also affects your credibility to a large extent, especially in the close-knit NetSuite world.

In all, taking advantage of these key factors will help build a solid foundation for your NetSuite career and make way for better growth.

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