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5 Tips to Write that Awesome NetSuite Resume!

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Your resume is the first step of marketing “you”. No matter how qualified you are for your next role as a NetSuite professional, if your resume does not showcase your knowledge and skillset rightly, chances are, your next best NetSuite role will go to the next best candidate.

Hiring managers consider a ton of aspects before reaching out to candidates for a job. And you as a candidate want to make sure, have all the aspects covered in your resume and packaged effectively.

As NetSuite recruitment specialists, we at SuiteSource have, over the years, observed that the best resumes tend to get lost in transit because they are not written and packaged appropriately. And so, to make your job application life easier, we have enlisted some super cool and effective tips for writing that awesome resume and helping you inch closer to that right NetSuite role. So, here goes…

1. Highlight your key skills right at the top

Most recruiters are pressed for time and have absolutely no inclination to read through every word on a resume. So, enlist your key technical and soft skills relevant to the job description, right at the top of your resume, and offer a quick snapshot for recruiters.

2. Customize your resume as per the job description

‘One resume for all’ is totally a thing of the past. Recruiters these days are essentially looking for resumes that showcase their requirements. Identify the key requirements in the job description and customize your resume to match them. The goal here is to highlight all your skills relevant to the job and showcase your past working experience of the same.

3. Soft Skills

Soft skills are not industry-specific and are adaptable to different. So, make sure you emphasize relevant soft skills and sight instances where you successfully used them.

4. Technical Skills

Here’s the real gold. Your tech chops are the core element NetSuite recruiters are looking for. So, when adding technical skills to your resume, make sure you focus on the exact skills relevant to the job you’re applying for and highlight your previous experience in deploying those chops. And needless to say, make sure you actually have those skills, for you may be tested on them during your interview process. 

5. Look & Feel

While having all the important skills nailed right into your resume is important, presenting them nicely is also key. Most NetSuite resumes tend to be too plain jane. So, make sure your resume is well-formatted. Use color in headings, but don’t go overboard. Remember, you want all the relevant information on your resume to stand out, so it makes it easy for the recruiter to scan through it.


Most businesses and recruitment agencies have an Applicant Tracking System that helps filter the most appropriate candidates for a job, based on specific keywords. These keywords are sprinkled in the job description by recruiters. To help your resume stand out and make it to the pool of matching candidates, make sure you scan the job description thoroughly, and include the relevant keywords in your resume, albeit wisely. Don’t throw in keywords only to gain pool entry, and make sure you actually have the skills. Ultimately, you don’t want to be promising recruiters on skills you don’t have and create a bad impression when quizzed about details. 

All in all, remember your resume is your ticket to the right NetSuite role. So make sure you nail it right the first time.
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