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SuiteSource is an international ERP Recruitment specialist that assists businesses in hiring the best ERP technology professionals. With over 15 years of cumulative work experience, our recruiters have been hired by top companies. SuiteSource

Our database comprises an extensive pool of highly skilled professionals to suit unique client needs. From contract to permanent positions, we have it all covered and work to best understand business perspectives and requirements. Delivering global recruitment services over the years, we deploy a proactive approach to presenting high-caliber candidates to our clients.


To simplify and transform the recruitment industry with smart technology and build long-term client partnerships.​



To help source appropriate talent that best matches their hiring needs
and build their dream teams.


To help source the right job that best matches their skill set and interests.

NetSuite Sourcing Specialists

What distinguishes  SuiteSource from other sourcing companies?

Our focus is to scout for NetSuite professionals in a global market.

Our team is formed by professional recruiters with vast experience in the technology industry (Technical Recruiters), who receive NetSuite training in addition to regularly attending workshops to ensure they are up to date with the latest trends.

Making them experts on the needs of companies requesting NetSuite professionals and identifying the best quality candidates applying for the roles. 

We are the NetSuite Sourcing Specialist 

The SuiteSource  Team

Sou Kim

Recruitment Director

Abby Hizon

Sales & Recruitment Manager

Sandra Semene

Technical Recruiter & Business Development Representative

Suchita Mishra

Business Development Executive & Technical Recruiter

Cynthia Diaz

Digital Marketing Specialist