Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Find here everything you need to know about SuiteSource, our process, and more! 


How to fill the position in your requirement?​

To fill the position in your requirement, you must get in touch with one of our Account Managers.
You can directly book your appointment to discuss the details of your requirement.

How long does it take to get profiles?​

As soon as we receive your requirement, we check our NetSuite network of professionals and our ATS system to give you at least 3 candidates within 48hrs to 72hrs depending on your requirement.

What is the average time to fill?​

We adapt to your internal hiring process. It will depend on how many stages your hiring process has, and we will provide support on every interview that is set up with your hiring managers.

What is a NetSuite Sourcing Specialist?

Our team is made up of professional recruiters and account managers who have specialized in recruiting NetSuite Professionals.  In addition to that, our NetSuite Sourcing Specialists are receiving special training & workshop from SuiteSource and it’s NetSuite Alliance Partners to understand the strengths of each NetSuite role to provide our clients with the best advice regarding their requirements.

Is there an upfront payment when signing a placement service agreement with SuiteSource?

No. Not at all. 
At SuiteSource, our main objective is for our Client to receive top NetSuite skills that fit best your company’s needs; therefore, we start sending invoices after providing a start date with the candidate based on the offer letter provided by the client. . We want to make sure that we offer fair commitment on the client-side. The client is given NET15 – NET30 depending on the requirement and the signed placement service agreement.

What is a Placement Service Agreement?​

This is a contract between two parties, Agent and Client on the services that will be provided by SuiteSource.

When is the Invoice sent?

It is sent based on the candidate’s start date. Clients will be receiving the invoice on the start-date and will have to follow NET15 – NET30 depending on the requirement and the signed placement service agreement.

What happens if the candidate turns down the offer?​

At SuiteSource, we only charge our clients when the candidate has begun to work. If a candidate turns down the offer, then we will suggest new candidates and will not charge you until the candidate has started to work with the Client.

What happens if you are not happy with the candidate hired from SuiteSource?

Our top priority is to provide top NetSuite skills that fit your company’s needs. If you are not happy with the candidate after they have started to work with you, we offer 90 days replacement after hire.


Can I apply to a NetSuite position without any NetSuite certificates?​

Yes. In our interview process, we will get to know your strengths and find the job that best fits your skills. Not all clients require certifications.

How long does it take for my resume to be reviewed?​

Once we receive your resume, it will be reviewed within 48hrs. If your skills match our client’s needs, you will be contacted immediately to have a discussion with our NetSuite Sourcing Specialists

Can I send my resume without applying for a specific position?​


Yes. You can send your resume to join our network of NetSuite professionals.

Why is it important to join SuiteSource's network of NetSuite professionals?

Our network of NetSuite professionals is designed to speed up the hiring process and let you know when new opportunities arise that match your profile.

What to expect in an Interview?

Our interviews are conducted by NetSuite Sourcing Specialists. They are skilled recruiters that have been specially trained to understand NetSuite.

Interview will include some personal questions about yourself, work experience background, some technical questions and behavioural assessment .

Virtual Job Fair

What is a Virtual Job Fair?

Our Virtual Job Fairs are monthly events where you can book your discussion with our NetSuite Sourcing Specialists.

How to participate?

To participate you must register on the Virtual Job Fair page and receive a confirmation for your interview.

Who can participate?

Everybody who has NetSuite experience and/or certification is welcome to participate.

When is the next Virtual Job Fair?

We host them on the last Monday of the month. 

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