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What makes a good NetSuite Administrator?

The role of a Netsuite Administrator is essential:

They hold the power to maximize the workflow towards business goals. It requires versatility and mastery of the technical aspects as well as business, economics, and financial knowledge.

A NetSuite Administrator is in charge of maintaining the system updated and determining what level of access the other employees can have.

A solid background in the service and manufacturing industry is always a plus, especially in warehouses because it gives them perspective on how to handle large quantities of data.

What degrees should a NetSuite Administrator have?

Is being certified all that matters? It depends. The best background is to have studied Computer Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Finance. As for the NetSuite certification, there is a “what came first” situation.

NetSuite was founded in 1998, but the NetSuite Certification program was only launched in 2013, so there are many NetSuite professionals with years of experience who are not certified, nor are thinking of getting certified.

NETSUITE ADMINISTRATOR Skills: Customization, Business Process, Accounting

However, the value of NetSuite experience is not measured by time, even when the standard is from 3 to 5 years, what matters the most is the quality of the delivered projects.

Keep a good portfolio of your accomplishments and you will be fine.

Hard Skills:

  • 3 Years of NetSuite experience
  • Technical consultant experience
  • Functional consultant experience
  • Implementation experience
  • Business process
  • Accounting
  • Customization experience

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Committed
  • Think outside the box
  • Problem-solving

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