NetSuite ERP interviews can be tricky. Whether you’re a seasoned NetSuite professional or novice, each NetSuite interview can be unique no matter how acquainted you may be with the interview process. While some employers focus on the software and your expertise with it, some care more about your previous experiences in working with them. While there can be no strict thumb rule for which way the interview will go, to make your interview life a bit easy, we’ve compiled a list of common questions with some answers our recruiters and consultants have come across during NetSuite interviews.

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1.-What technology is NetSuite built on?

NetSuite is built on the Oracle platform.

2.- Does NetSuite offer role-based dashboard views?

Yes. Based on the user account, one can access a dashboard configuration depending on the role selected.

3.- What’s the purchase order cycle in NetSuite?

The purchase order cycle in NetSuite goes as follows:
Receiving > Update Inventory > Enter Bills > Bill Payment > Accounting posting

4.- Could you name a few NetSuite Authentications?

Token-Based Authentication, User Credentials, Google OpenID Connect, Inbound Single Sign-On, Two-Factor Authentication, SAML 2.0 are some of the few NetSuite Authentication types.

5.- Name NetSuite scripts and explain a few of them.

Portlet scripts, client scripts, user event scripts, workflow action scripts, and scheduled scripts are some NetSuite scripts.
Client scripts It is the only script that runs on the client-side, while others run on the NetSuite server side. It validates events and automates user-entered data.
Scheduled scriptsThey are used to schedule tasks or set up transactions for e.g. running an hourly script to sync data or to schedule invoice payments. NetSuite triggers the execute event on the scheduled script at the set time interval.
Portlet scripts They are used to create dashboards containing complex logic, including data from multiple records, etc.

6.- How can a client script be deployed in NetSuite?

A client script can be deployed at the record level and form level in NetSuite.

7.- What according to you are some major NetSuite drawbacks?

8.- What according to you are some major NetSuite drawbacks?

Getting a grasp of the accounting rules can be tough for users who have not worked in the NetSuite space before.  The software cost could also be a potential drawback, but it depends on the level of customizations done and clients can be talked through it.

9.- Competency questions:

1. How many years of NetSuite experience do you have?
2. Do you have any NetSuite certifications?
3. How did you contribute to resolving a client’s problem in your past NetSuite project?
4. Tell us about a NetSuite project that you’re proud of and your key takeaways from it.
5. Have you worked as a NetSuite end-user in the past?

10.- Miscellaneous questions:

1. Why do you want to work for our company?
2. Cite two reasons why you are the right candidate for this role?

Cracking a NetSuite interview opens up a gateway to newer opportunities and learnings, but the road to this gateway lies in your overall interview performance. Instilling confidence in the employer that you can handle any NetSuite project with your skills and experience helps make the cut here. And so, prepping for the big day with frequently asked interview questions works as a good starting point.    

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